Professional PVC Pipe Cutter

SHENG FENG has been manufacturing hand tools such as PVC pipe cutter, heavy duty pipe wrench for the professional market since 2001. With over 20 year experience of research, development and production, including OEM & ODM made our products received numerous recognitions of patent and user confidence for its quality all over the world.

The company aims to develop innovative and helpful product by constantly observing and analyzing the requirement of market and customer satisfaction, and immediately revising ideas and view in order to accomplish the perfectest quality products.

Additionally, SHENG FENG senses that "We ONLY have one earth", therefore believe that protect environment is our responsibility. We continuously reduce any possible that harms to the earth throughout producing, painting, packing and every manufacturing process.

Our services persist in supplying four purpose of professional, innovation, quality and security. Everyone is equivalent important element of SHENG FENG, also powerfully promotes us to keep moving forward and do it better than better!


Engaging in researching and developing unique tools to satisfy the professional requirements.


Constant pay attention to trend of customer and market, devises more helpful and comfortable products.


Always focus on every details to make sure to supply the best and highest quality.


Safety First!

Our commitment to safety is paramount, throughout the environment, products and you.



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